Cool Places


What a site when we rounded the corner on the sidewinder trail at Apace Wash.. Unreal that day.. A few of these dropped so low we could hear the passengers talking!


Standing at the high point on the BCT looking East.. The mountains that morning had snow from the storms that blew through the day before!

Brown's Ranch

Brown’s Ranch opened their trail system in late 2013. There are soo many options for running, hiking and mountain biking! Amazing history and scenery here. One of my favorite sites!


Gateway Loop is just under 5 miles and starts at the base of the McDowells. The saddle is about 2378′ and provides spectacular views especially around sunset.

Grand Canyon

Standing on top of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon looking North.. You can see the trail to Plateau Point. Spectacular views for miles!!


Took this while we were on a training run at McDowell Mountain Regional Park. The Sport Loop as with many others really gives you a full range of views of the back side (east) of the McDowells and then all the mountains to the east as well!

Pinnacle Peak

Located in North Scottsdale, this peak is a very popular hiking destination for locals and tourists. The facilities and parking were recently upgraded to allow for more parking. An extremely challenging out and back when running it and training for Grand Canyon trips.


Sunrise.. Looking east towards the McDowell’s, Pinnacle Peak and Four Peaks

Spur Cross

Just about to cross the river at Spur Cross Ranch. The early spring late winter timeframe causes this stream to flow but never enough to cause an impassable route unless flash flooding is occurring. Spur Cross Ranch offers many options and is a very popular trail system.



Bryce Canyon has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.. I had to sift through quite a few pics and landed on this.. Inspiration Point

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