Wow, after having this site for 3 years, I want to pick this back up again and officially start blogging a little! Didn’t someone say starting late is better than not starting at all?

The primary goals for this Blog are:

Share my Life Experiences: I do a lot. Not gonna lie. I can’t go a weekend anymore and NOT do something. A race, trail running, travel, family functions, Sunday AZTL group runs, friendly get togethers, Beer Festivals, AZ Cardinals Games, Cooking and well, then, there’s work which helps fund all these nifty things!!

Disseminate Knowledge – Other’s seek my advice. Some of the things I do ACTUALLY work.. I expect to pass on what I’ve learned in my 46 almost 47 years on this awesome Earth!

A secondary goal is to not give anyone a “play-by-play” but rather a glimpse into my life’s events. There will be a focus mostly on Trail Running, Racing, Training and the like but honestly, we have some cool friends and often do some very cool stuff! Some you will find interesting, some educational perhaps, some lame, and well, the rest is open for discussion. 🙂

Please feel free to keep me in line with commentary and or suggestions. *Peace Out*