AZ Native who would rather spend time in an "outside office" than an inside one. Father of two boys, husband, an identical twin and an avid trail enthusiast! I started running in early 2007. I got hooked immediately. It started with 5k’s, 10k, half marathons, marathons and some Ragnar relays thrown in there. I definitely caught the "runner’s high" and pressed on for the next few years running and racing here in the west on roads until the summer of 2012. I was invited to do Rim2Rim so that immediately got me off the road and onto the trails. Fell.In.Love Literally, I couldn’t understand why I didn’t get onto the dirt sooner!! I've trekked across many of the mountain ranges here in AZ, rode and raced motocross, mountain biked, hunted and hiked most of the trails here, thus the love for running ultras. I steadily ramped up in the ultra racing circuit and can't wait to do more! My passion towards trail running extends to managing the AZ TraiLeggers running group in the north Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. You'll find me often offering our new members advice, introducing them to trail running, helping scout new ground and courses prior to racing, as well as some nutrition and training advice. I’m so fortunate to be part of a great community and look forward to many years to come!

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