Challenges Faced by the Endurance Athlete

Why Tailwind Nutrition for me? Read on from the Co-Founder Jeff Vierling… 🙂

Tailwind Nutrition

Why I created Tailwind

Tailwind grew from my own personal experiences as an endurance athlete. I learned the hard way how important nutrition is to performing your best and enjoying the effort. I tried virtually every product on the market, but couldn’t find a solution that was easy to use and solved the nutrition problems common to endurance athletes. That’s what drove me to develop Tailwind Nutrition. Specifically, I wanted to maintain steady energy and feel strong throughout while solving common issues: stomach problems (feeling full/bloated and worse), ease of use (getting fuel and electrolytes from a single drink rather than juggling gels, electrolyte pills, or bars/chews), no cramping, and a taste I could drink all day without getting sick of it.

developingTailwind[1]It took a couple of years of research and experimentation, but it worked, and I’ve been using it ever since as a sole fuel for training and racing…

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