Monthly Archives: June 2017

Racing in the Hundo’s after doing a Hundo… OK, this recap won’t be the novel San Diego was I promise!! Although this race was over in around 8hrs, at points it felt like an epic 50 miler given the elements! Phoenix as with the rest of the southwest was experiencing some of the most extreme temps ever recorded. Multiple heat records were broken around not only Phoenix but other parts of the… Read More

I’d like to get a couple things ironed out going into this race… It would start with this race towards the end of last year. Ok, well maybe about 3 years ago when I was setting my sights on the San Diego 100. I was looking for a prestigious, challenging, highly regarded, out of state, epic race to do. The Lottery seemed to come and go as I was contemplating which races… Read More

Why Tailwind Nutrition for me? Read on from the Co-Founder Jeff Vierling… 🙂